Saturday, July 6, 2013


..i used to hear BBG as in 'buwis-buhay-girl' whenever i do things that they thought are too dangerous.. in my chosen lifestyle.. i don't think i am what they think i am.. we all have stupid ideas on life.. and yeah, i take life way too seriously as well but there are no guarantees in life.. all you can do is play the odds..

"..i believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.."

"..learning how to think in the midst of fear-- is a lesson that everyone needs to learn..

..sometimes fears go away.. sometimes new fears replace them.. but becoming fearless isn't the point.. that's impossible.. it's learning how to control your fear.. and how to be free from it.."


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

color manila run 2013

The most colorful run so far...

Color Manila Run 2013
Bonifacio Global City
January 6, 2013

Team Rock & Road

First race joined this year and definitely  an epitome of a true fun run where in there's a heavy tossing of colorful powder in every station and some of the runners even rolled over on the ground just to fully cover themselves with it. Powder used was edible and made of cornstarch and food coloring in yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. There were only four distance categories (1.5K, 3K, 5K, 10K) but the size of the crowd was overwhelming and certainly, wasn't the right event for attaining new PRs.

This race event organized by Proactive and Kangaroos is for the benefit of a non-profit organization, Republikha. Kudos!

Photos by RAD Photography

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

team Rock&Road conquered frontRunner's Rock and Road Trail Run

Yes, you're reading it right folks!.. it's a Rock and Road Trail Run Event. But nope! It wasn't our team's event, but someway, our team, team Rock & Road, delightedly supported ROCK and ROAD trail marathon organized by Sir Jonnel Mendoza of frontRUNNER. Although this wasn't our first time joining in trail running, just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine for no apparent reason.

We almost got late and arrived at the event area just minutes before the race started. It was all because of me! haha lazy me, will never do it again team, sorry (^_^). Full trail marathoners and half trail marathoners were off the trails together and unlike previous road running I have attended, too much marshals, overflowing hydration, abundant lighting didn't exist but adequate enough to support us in the trails.

At 3 AM, our team and I started together. I didn't want to work alone since it was still too dark and I don't go along well with snakes (ako na ang mountaineer na takot sa ahas). And I needed extra light because I didn't quite see the trails (BTW, thanks to teammate Allan for lending me his headlamp.. again, I was too lazy to buy batteries earlier for my own, A-AH palo!). This race was challenging for it was difficult to rip out through the narrow trails, maintaining a pace through the dark hollows up and down the hills was impossible unless you're inviting injuries plus sharing the trail with the returning runners, vice versa, caused us to decrease our pacing even to a stop. The uneven ground tortured me and I got lost on the trail twice as well crossing the finish line at past 6 AM already. It was very frustrating at first because of the time wasted and the mere fact that I came in fourth among the females initially made me go a bit crazy. I could have made it to the podium if I was just attentive of the trail marks. Well it was my fault, but eventually, I also realized that it's all part of the game, I know right, it's a trail run and I joined because of its challenges. And it is not only I who got lost, even some of the winners were, so kudos to all the podiumers, well-deserved.

And speaking of the winners, here proudly proclaiming each of the team's exemplary finish time, most of us made it to the top with Goldy (preciousrunner) declared as the 2nd fastest female in the event, joyce (pissedoffchick) came in 5th and of course, i'll mention my name last to highlight myself ;D, came in 4th place from the females and 10th overall.

Rock and Road Trail Marathon official result:

A big round of applause for my other teammates who succesfully finished this challenge, Daniel and Chris who ran with us at 21K category and Allan who seized on 42K. Together, we all rocked at the event! ;D

May I include this as well. After several races that we have attended together, finally, I had the chance to take a pose beside Go Paa! himself, Gerard Pizarras who placed 4th under Men division.

photo credits to Daniel Bersano

Monday, October 29, 2012

2012's Run United Series completion... on my way to becoming a marathoner

The delight of completing 2012 Run United Series... 

Run United 1 (21K)...
March 04 - BGC, Taguig City

I witnessed how my co-PF friends conquered last year's Run United series. Since I wasn't a long distance runner yet at that time and I was able to join its 2nd leg only, I promised myself that I would also try to complete its next season. So here I am conquering its first leg as my official second 21K race.

photo courtesy of Pinoy Fitness

With a chip time of 2 hours and 52 minutes, unable to beat my first 21K race time therefore no PR (personal record) for me due to lack of stamina and training but still, finishing the race itself was already an achievement especially when running along with friends which brought me an unequaled amount of  joy.

Run United 2 (21K)...
June 17 - BGC, Taguig City

On its second leg, 21K category which started from Bonifacio Global City and ended at Mall of Asia in Pasay City, I finished the route in 2 hours and 37 minutes. Not bad (for a newbie) since this is a new PR for me.
photo courtesy of Team Rock & Road
Race wasn't finished yet but me and my teammates (Team Rock & Road and sub Team LSD - Laging Salat sa Datung :P ) fooling around already taking fun shots at the finish line. <3

Run United 3 (32K)...
September 16 - BGC, Taguig City

My first attempt to go beyond 21K. So nervous yet excited to overcome a new and unfamiliar distance. From most of my races especially on first attempts, I would always say I am not prepared. Though my love for running is unquestionable, I am not really diligent in training. Ask me what motivates me to run and I won't be able to define anything yet, or maybe I'm really just a lazy runner.

I pursue my training a week before the race, just so unlucky of me I need to heal from a plantar fasciitis, which I got when I crammed and tried to increase my mileage (so NOT advisable guys), and with the heavy west monsoon rains restrained me from running outdoor so I pretended to run in a treadmill (or rather jog in place) until I got sore calves barely two days before the event I wasn't even able to walk properly after.

I can still feel the pain on both my calves on the race day I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the official race route. With the aid of a 'thermogenic accelerator cream' courtesy of my teammate Marie Joyce, and teammate Elvin who paced me from the starting to finish line, we completed with an official chip time of 4:02:01. We were not able to conquer our target time, which was supposed to be SUB 4 hours, but at least I was able to cross the finish line injury free though lack of oxygen caused me a lot of trouble, I know next time. Until next 32K - a revengeful target time of SUB 4.

RUPM 42 kilometers...
October 28 - BGC, Taguig City

i was in chaos...

Earlier part of this year, I commited myself in the completion of this year's Run United series. So finishing its legs from RU1 & RU2's 21KM to RU3's 32KM, I was so determined in joining it's RUPM's full marathon as well. I was so sure until I got convinced to register in a prestigious full marathon to be held next year. Before I made up my mind, I was having second thoughts in joining this already because I am very much anxious to finish a marathon and an ultra marathon before this year ends but this event is sort of (as I thought) preventing me from doing so. This should not be a problem but this dream marathon  is dedicated in training 1st timers & 2nd timers only. So as per my thinking, joining RUPM's 42K to be followed by an upcoming ultra marathon (50 KM) this December will result to my disqualification in my dream marathon. This uneasy thoughts prompted me to send an email to the organization seeking confirmation to my query. Luckily, I got an immediate response from the founder favoring my wishes (though it is said that it is not advisable). So technically, only 42 KM is covered by the current rule meaning for as long as I did not officially finish two 42KM races before the race event, I am still qualified to join.

Prior to this, I have decided to take part in 21KM category instead but quirk of faith, 21KM race kits run out so quickly leading to my only option to register in 42KM or lower distances. Of course, the glaze of the (rumored) loyalty medal and awards night anticipation :P caused me to commit in 42KM category.

race day...

arriving at the race event.. a few minutes before the race starts...

photo courtesy of YONGSKY

My palms were sweaty and cold... frightened but at the same time excited. We positioned ourselves at the end of the pack, wasn't confident enough to finish the whole route and already settling my mind to recover a vengeance on my next FM just in case I'll get swept by the sweeping van.

On its first half, though I have declared not to have a pacer this time to minimize pressure on my part, some of my teammates and running friends decided to join me at first. No pressure at all so we just had a so called 'chikka' pace though at times I get so elated and unconsciously, I am doing my usual 21KM running pace triggered Doug Laz (even if unplanned, we had the same outfit color - yellow) to pull me at a halt & keep on reminding me, that there are still more distances to cover so reserve your energy. I would invariably grin at Doug Laz' whenever he shouts 'Hoy babae!'. Despite lack of hydration on three consecutive stations started I guess at 19th KM, we managed to continue (thanks to a fellow conqueror sir Raymond Alcantara for buying bottles of water for us from a convenient store) and its first half distance covered almost 3 hours of my time.

After I surpassed 21st KM, I started to feel side stitches & cramp from my right calf so I slowed down and had to pass through all medical station asking for liniment which runs out as well but offered ice bag instead until finally found one medic with liniment and relieved. I struggled from 22nd KM up to 30th KM. But seeing the 30th KM marker gave me a boost and re-energized (maybe that was my second wind as how they describe it) me to continue running thinking that there were only 12 KM left until approaching the finish line. Eventually, while feeling a burning skin sensation from the scorching heat of the sun, on its last turn I saw the red carpet and the crowd of supporters & photographers. And so I put up my best smile and tried to sprint all the way to finish attaining 05:34:05 chip time , 05:36:22 gun time proudly completed the series safe & strong placing 28th in my age category, 96th among women and 1127th of the 2072 who finished.

with our Team Rock & Road as they welcome me in the world of marathoners
race map courtesy of
RUPM RunPix analysis

Monday, July 2, 2012

PATAFA - Phil Road Racing (Leg 2)

Event Name: PATAFA - Philippine Road Racing Leg 2
Event Description: Race for the benefit of RP athletes
Event Date: July 01, 2012
Event Place: Quirino Grandstand, Manila
Gun Start: 5 AM
Race Category: 21K
Award: 1st Place Womens

Gun start for 21K was supposed to be 5 AM but instead we started at almost 6 AM already. Beforehand, I was torn between this and another enticing buddy run event which my team mates and I already planned to attend. But since I am aiming for longer mileage, I decided to drop the buddy run and registered here instead.

Upon arriving at the event place around 4 something AM, I had doubts already if the organizer still going to pursue the activity because they have not started any structural set up yet. It was uncomfortable seeing no other runners roaming around and had a little silly thought I was to run alone.

It was saddening to witness that this kind of event for a good cause is so not appealing to most of the runners in the country. Although I cannot blame our runners since the concurrent event was really enticing. Maybe due to lack of promotion caused a few registrants.

Good thing, Pinoy Fitness was invited to set up a booth in the event and thankfully Sir Jeff and Ms. Che arrived early to my comfort. So while waiting for the marshals to set up the area, we had a long chat together and also had the chance to meet the event host Bearwin (Runtarantantan), which in fairness, did a great job in hosting the event and motivating us cracking jokes to relieve our anxiety.

At last, the race started reducing my anxiousness but the father sun was up already torturing us the longest distance runners of the event. In spite of dry throat and the fatigue that hit me, I was so eager to finish the race so I could get on to the other event to meet my team mates. 

Rosanna on the left, a fellow winner whom I met during the race and paced together at the first kilometers.

On my way to a sweet finish and luckily earned the first spot. No medal (aside from the finisher's medal) but still so grateful to experience this kind of achievement and sort of giving me a boost to strive harder.

Taking a pose with the hosts as they are awarding us as the fastest in our category. Rosanna conquered the third place while me as first placer. Kami na ang podiumer!.. ;P

photo credits to

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nike's very first 10K run in Manila (Nike We Run MANILA 10K)...

I claimed my race kit today at BGC around 2pm. So obviously, a lot of runners are so excited about this event. I spent over an hour, standing in line to have my chance. Well, so far I wasn't disappointed. Tee shirt is of high quality and as per its tag, I assumed it is from a genuine Nike apparel, I also love its color - orangey... The only glitch is that my D-tag's number doesn't match on my tee-shirt's.. hmmm.. what the heck, it doesn't matter ;D  maybe they've decided this number to be just a design only haha.. doesn't make sense at all..

As an added bonus, a Nike marked drinking tumbler was included in the Nike loot bag but still waiting for the thumb-drive, will be given after the race as part of the finisher's kit...

Below will be the freebies & race route...

Eight thousand runners are expecting a lot from this event. So we'll see how the race goes on the event itself... insights about the run to follow... ;)

Race day... October 15, 2011 - Manila is the 3rd city from south-east Asia and among the 15 cities around the world participating in the Nike We Run City 10K races

This is it! The much awaited big event. My first night run. Whoa! I got lost... I didn't find 34th street immediately and almost missed the gun start (at 5:20). Baggage area was too crowded and everyone was a little bit disoriented including the staff themselves. I hurriedly made my way over to the starting line at about 5:18 and as expected I was able to position myself at the tail already.

I was thinking of how to surpass this 9, 000+ (yes, you read it right, the supposedly 8,000 slots expanded to 9,000+) runners (or should I say walkers?) Darn! We were like a colony of fire ants gathered into a very large group ready to attack. I had a hard time getting my target PR (this should be my first time to set a Personal Record) as it is very hard to pass through these walkers err runners. Most of the people who joined here I think was beginners (of course I myself is a beginner also, what I meant was 1st timers who joined just to say they were able to join, just like before I got serious into running ;p), because they have started race walking already until the end of the race and since I am at the end, I can't run also for they have blocked the whole track and didn't even bother to keep at the right side to give way to runners on their left even ignoring warning shouts ("On your left!") from runners who wanted to get through... well, it's also my fault because I came in late, but to hell with the traffic, I didn't expect it to be this severe since it is Saturday already. Apart from this, lack of lighting's in some areas slowed down runners as well and the road was already wet, hazardous plastic cups were all over inviting accidents.

This is the reason why I'm having second thoughts about joining big events such as this because of too much hassle, but I can't blame RunRio (the event organizer) for this, I understand it's not easy to organize events which involves a very large group of people with different attitudes, ouch! haha. Well, enough with the complaints and grumbles, at least I did enjoy the after party/performances from Chicosci, Sandwich & Parokya ni Edgar ( <- you guys rock!!) while waiting for our chance at the snap zone photo booth and photo operation from our own cameras. And of course freebies are still great although after finishing the race I just received a letter from RunRio apologizing for the delay distribution of USB drives aw! Will wait for it tho', is still so excited.

photo ops before and after the race.. w/ running buddies - jay, merry, kuya joven - ... also met w/ @runnerstoe (rod) of PF community...
snap shot @ snap zone

Congratulations to UST for winning the school challenge and all other winners from all categories.
It's still a fun event.. looking forward to upcoming RunRio events. More power runners!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

practice run @ UP grounds (PinoyFitness followers)...

I've been sneaking on the Pinoy Fitness Calendar & Community site for quite some time now but I just registered a month after the PF Community was launched. I was never interested in any forums before I got addicted to running. I am running alone most of the time and I could always see group of individuals  running together which sort of triggered me to join PF's forum to search people who are also addicted to running and of course, to learn a few tips from the site and fortunately, I learned a lot from them. From 5K tips for beginners up to marathoners advises and a lot more. To top it all, I was able to meet some of them. Highlight of the story, we've decided to organize a group practice run. Cancelled for a couple of times but at last, this one was pushed through.

UP Diliman on September 24, 2011

photo ops before and after practice...

taking advantage of the moment and first meeting, with jonard, @joy_c(kristinejoy), @bratinElla (rhea), @chowk9(franz), regz, @gray(lyn) & baby

More practice to come PF pipz and may I also borrow @Yingski's line " MORE HORSEPOWER " ...